Intrepid Travels

Redesign of features and user flows for an exisiting brand.

The Mission

Intrepid Travel currently appeals to the "gap" year travelers or mid twenties looking for budget conscious and off the beaten trail sort of adventure. However, through market research, Intrepid identified that there is a huge market for the older demographic. They are working on incorporating Comfort Trips designed to appeal to this demographic and seek to upgrade their digital experience for this new product offering. Intrepid has been getting feedback from travel agents and potential customers that it is difficult to search for trips on their site. One of the biggest problems is that customers want to be able to choose destinations based on their vacation time availability.

Scope: 2 weeks

Colaborative Contributors: Michael Tseng, Vicki Kim, Caitlin Adler, and myself

My Role: Strategist, market research, branding, wireframes, and user testing.

The Action

My team and I redesigned the website with the tablet in mind because it was the user's preferred way of interacting with the internet. We redesigned the site focusing on the 3 styles of traveling and creating a better user flow to make booking travel plans easier.

The Outcome

The result was a website that was responsive to tablet interaction and better information architecture. It was a fine balance between engaging the user by creating an experience while being informative. Focusing on the user's needs we provided a user flow that made sense and made it easier to find the pertinent information that users desired.

The Recognition

Our redesign was applauded and recognized for its better information architecture and visual design from our user testing.



The first step we chose was to get to know our users. We did this through surveys, interviews, and third-party research studies.

Immersion Active, AARP Travel Research

We focused on the 50+ demographic ("older demographic") because they would have the time and spending power for Intrepid's comfort trips. We pulled existing data from various sources that had already done studies on our audience.

  • Profile of Baby Boomers Travelers in the United States as of July 2015
  • For your most recent solo trip, what was your inspiration or motivation for traveling?
  • Travel planning methods of Baby Boomers in the United States as of July 2015

By analyzing the data that we gathered it only verified the needs of our users to be:

  • An easy way to search for trips
  • The ability to choose vacations based on their vacation time availbility

Building Our Persona

With the data gathered and 2nd round phone interviews of users that matched our target market we began to build our persona. Meet Barry & Pat Adler.

Understanding the Competitors

You don't always have to re-invent the wheel. Sometimes you just need a little tweek. We chose as our next step to understand the competitors and see if anyone was doing it right. This was an opportunity to learn from their successes and to break down their weaknesses. We compared Intrepid to 3 other sites: G Adventures, National Geographic Expeditions, and Mountain Travel Sobek.

User Flows & Journeys

Based on Barry's preferences, he would want to read as much as he could about Comfort Trips before deciding to book. A clear path would direct him to our informational page before moving forward to the next steps. Below you can compare the current version to our revised version.

Current User Flow for Intrepid Travel

Mapping out the user flows and journeys, we started with the current flow on how a traveler would book their trip.

Revised User Flow for Intrepid Travel

We revised the user flow based on how Barry would want to read as much as he could about "Comfort Trips" before deciding to book. A clear path would direct him to our informational page before moving forward to the next steps. This is the version we came up with.


After some initial paper sketches, whiteboarding, and user testing, I began to build out wireframes with the tablet in mind. I would keep in mind the most important features our users had mentioned while keeping the feel and branding of Intrepid Travels. I used myBalsamiq to rapidly build out low fidelity wireframes.

Side By Side Look

Here is the before and after of what it looks like on an iPad. User testing would back up our data that the "after" was the preferred choice in user experience, interaction, information architecture, and visual beauty.



After we tested out our low fidelity wireframes, we moved forward with building out the high fidelity prototype on Axure. Our team felt that an Axure prototype would best represent the final product with it's realistic interaction. The prototype is currently only clickable based on the User's Flow for a "Comfort Trip" to the Amalfi Coast & Capri, but the layout and feel is well represented here. Most of the Axure build out credit goes to our teammate Michael Tseng.

(Click image to view prototype.)